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Consider Short Term Storage Leases

An unsung hero of the self storage industry is the fact that most facilities offer short term storage leases. Thanks to reality television, a lot of people have a skewed connotation of what a self storage unit can be used for these days. Big lockers with an entire household’s items that sits for months on end...
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Self Storage for Startup Businesses

Bonding over a mutual love of self storage is something that doesn’t often happen outside of others in the storage industry, but it happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. I was meeting with man about having a pool installed and how he knew his business was taking off after his...
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Multiple Benefits of Using Storage During While Moving

Moving season is about to start kicking up into high gear in the very near future. Moving is said to be one of the most stressful things a person can go through. One way to alleviate some of that stress is to utilize the many benefits of the variety of options that self...
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College Storage Opportunities

Trying to drive downtown for the next two weekends will be a nightmare because all of the college students will be moving out of their dorms. Our already crowded city will be inundated with parents excited to bring their kiddos home for the summer. Overflowing minivans and SUVs will be double parked or...
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Mini Storage for Small Business

When bad things happen, it seems like everybody suddenly has an idea on how said bad thing could’ve been prevented. For example, a pipe burst due to freezing temperatures not to long ago at a business my sister works at and nearly all of their archived records were destroyed. If the pipe had burst a...
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Mini Storage Units Help You Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle

Shows like Tiny House Nation or even House Hunters both fascinate and complete frustrate me. They fascinate me because I love to look at homes, see the thought processes of other people, and explore new possibilities. They frustrate me because so many of the people on the show have lists of needs a mile long...
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Using Portable Storage During a Remodel

  As someone who has moved a lot, I find it incredibly annoying when something I need is in a box that I cannot access. If I need my coffee pot and the carafe is in one box and the actually maker is who only knows where in another, I go crazy. When we...
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Storage Units Help Your Home Feel High End

Have you ever looked at a celebrity’s home on television or noticed a stunning room in a magazine and wished you could achieve that look? You don’t have to invest in crown moulding, a marble countertop, or the latest unlacquered brass hardware to start turning your home into a dream home. One thing all of...
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Selecting the Right Self Storage Unit

While a lot of muscle may be involved with filling your storage unit, a certain amount of finesse and brain power will be needed as well when you begin the rental process. The old saying of “first in, last out” most definitely needs to be kept at the forefront of your thoughts when you begin...
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