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Storing Classroom Supplies in Self Storage

Storing Classroom Supplies

By Mike Jones, As a teacher, it seems like summer isn't nearly as exciting for you as it is for students. While your former students are off swimming, taking vacations with their families, or sitting on the couch all summer, you're busy creating lesson...
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How to Store a TV

Storing a TV By Mike Jones, So you need to store your TV in a storage unit. First things first—be cautious when you put your TV into storage, especially if it has a flat or plasma screen. They're delicate, and you probably spent a good deal of money...
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What are the Benefits of Wide-Drive Aisles?

What are Wide-Drive Aisles?

By Mike Jones, When searching for a great storage facility, there are many features to keep in mind, such as climate control, drive-up access, electricity, gated security, and more. One feature that many people don’t keep in mind but probably should is...
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Moving in the Rain

Moving When It's Raining

By Mike Jones, It’s a beautiful time of year. Spring is approaching, and winter is finally on its way out! If you’re moving during the springtime, you must remember that the weather can change in an instant. Here are some simple tips...
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Using Self-Storage for Business

Why Businesses Should Use Self-Storage

By Mike Jones, Most businesses need a designated work space to be productive, but renting office space can be a big investment that depletes funds better spent improving daily operations. Many new businesses—and even older more experienced businesses—have turned to self-storage to...
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