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Consumer advice and information to help you find the right storage unit to protect your valuable belongings. We know all the in’s and out’s of self storage, mini storage and mobile storage – it’s time for us to share and help!

Using Portable Storage During a Remodel

  As someone who has moved a lot, I find it incredibly annoying when something I need is in a box that I cannot access. If I need my coffee pot and the carafe is in one box and the actually maker is who only knows where in another, I go crazy. When we...
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Selecting the Right Self Storage Unit

While a lot of muscle may be involved with filling your storage unit, a certain amount of finesse and brain power will be needed as well when you begin the rental process. The old saying of “first in, last out” most definitely needs to be kept at the forefront of your thoughts when you begin...
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4 Holiday Décor: Storage Hacks

Holiday decorations are one of those items that people seem to acquire a lot of.  After all, our parents and grandparents like to pass on their family heirlooms to us, and over time it all just kind of builds up.  If you like to keep things organized, and...
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Storing Kids’ Sports Equipment

storage unit items Having one or multiple kids in sports is a challenge, not only for scheduling conflicts, but also for finding a way to contain the equipment mess.  No matter how big your house or garage space is, stuff adds up quick, and  soon you will be...
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5 Rules for Self Storage in the Winter

By Vince Mancuso, As the leaves began to fall and the sun goes down sooner, you know the temperatures are the next to drop and that winter is coming. For many, the season of autumn marks the trigger to place certain seasonal items in self storage. While a storage unit can be a great place for...
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Fees You Can Expect When Renting Self Storage

By Graci Woodworth, US Storage Search. When using self storage to gain some extra space, it's important to first be aware of potential fees that may arise throughout your time as a tentant. Depending on your individual storage needs, listed below are a few extra charges that you may run into along the way. Increase in Rental...
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How Teachers Can Benefit From Self Storage

By Patrick Galvan, As a teacher, your day is packed with providing lessons for students, meetings with administrative staff, grading homework, and preparing both extracurricular and in-class activities. As if this didn't make your life busy enough, now you have materials and class supplies piling up in your classroom, some of which you...
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Everything You Need to Know About Boat Storage

Owning a boat provides you with a chance to escape for a weekend, a day, or maybe just a few hours as you hit the water to fish, ski, or even just float around. However, owning a boat also leaves you with a responsibility of properly caring for it, including finding a place to keep...
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Ways to Take Advantage of Self Storage During Garage Sale Season

It's never too late for an end-of-summer garage sale! Have you considered renting a self storage unit during the process of your garage sale? Perhaps you might after reading this blog post. Here are four ways to take advantage of self storage during garage sale season.

1. Picking Items to Utilize Self Storage

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