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Consumer advice and information to help you find the right storage unit to protect your valuable belongings. We know all the in’s and out’s of self storage, mini storage and mobile storage – it’s time for us to share and help!

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Storage

By Graci Woodworth, If you’re in the process of determining which type of storage unit will be best for storing your belongings, it’s important to first learn the differences between outdoor and indoor storage. Read on to discover which type of unit your storing needs fall under.

When to Use Indoor Storage

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Delivering to Storage Facilities

By Vince Mancuso, One of the lesser known features that many storage facilities offer is accepting deliveries. This is a great feature for local businesses and those who travel often, but how does it work? Fortunately, delivering to your storage unit can be simple—as long as you know the rules. The most important thing...
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Fire Hazards: How Concerned Should I Be?

By David Torres, While facility fires are uncommon, they are nevertheless devastating when they happen. To prevent a fire in your storage unit, it is imperative to educate yourself about the potential fire hazards. In order to keep your belongings safe, it's best to err on the side of caution. This blog post takes a...
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Military Storage: Benefits to Take Advantage Of

By Graci Woodworth, Military members are often faced with frequent and unpredictable requests for a relocation, leaving them with no place to keep their belongings in the meantime. Not to mention, the changes in cost of living that follow each move can be equally as overwhelming. Before assuming you have to part with...
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Most Common Call Center Questions and Answers

By Patrick Galvan, Do you have questions about self storage? You're not the only one. Here is a list of the most common call center questions and answers. Q. What is an admin fee and do I get it back at the end of my lease? A. An admin fee is a small, one-time fee (usually...
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Running a Business Out of a Storage Unit

By Graci Woodworth, Looking for a convenient hub to house to a startup company or small business? While a storage unit is likely not the first thought to cross your mind, it may work its way to the top of your list after reading up on all of its perks below. Check out why...
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Storage Discounts You Didn’t Know You Could Get

By Vince Mancuso, Whenever you're shopping for a service, it's important to do your research, and the self storage industry is no different. It's important to make sure that you find the right location, price, and amenities, but did you know many storage facilities also offer discounts and specials? While you're searching for the...
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