Halloween Costume: 1920s Flapper Girl

By Laura GeeUSstoragesearch.com

I’ve never been one to get excited for Halloween costumes or trick-or-treating. The rest of my friends couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating and had game plans and strategies for it–not me. My mom and I went our little route in the neighborhood, came home and everybody took what they wanted from my candy stash and that was it. Honestly,

A trial run of my 1920’s flapper look…only what should I do with my hair?

my favorite house to go to was the guy who let kids grab a fist full of loose change and dollar bills. But this year, I AM so excited to create a costume because the weekend before Halloween, I’m going to a Mobster’s Ball. FINALLY a Halloween season in recent years where I’m motivated to put more than, oh, 10 minutes into a costume.

The key to the flapper costume for me is the headband. You an take any old black cocktail dress and turn it into a flapper dress. It’s the hair and the makeup that make the flapper girl special. I refused to buy some cheesy one from the store, so I hit up my local craft store and got down to business.

I went into the store knowing exactly what I wanted (thanks to Google images). I needed:

  • sparkly, stretchy headband (either black or silver)
  • 1 big feather
  • bunches of small colored feathers
  • a broach or statement piece
  • **It took me testing some stuff out and taking vintage MySpace-style pictures of my head with the various items to find everything, but it eventually worked out.
  • **DO NOT BUY THE CHEAPEST FEATHERS YOU CAN FIND (you’ll find out why in a bit)

Time to create this masterpiece. As usual, I dump everything out that I got to really good and see what I’m working with. It

Arrange the feathers carefully and look at it from the front to make sure everything looks right.

was after taking the bag of CHEAP feathers apart that I realized I got what I paid for. Most of these were mangled, mushed, or somehow flat out ugly. It took some serious picking, cutting, and sorting to find enough usable ones. My big black feather is on the cheaper end as well so it is a bit floppy, but it isn’t as bad as the colored ones. While I’m doing all of this sorting, I’ve got my hot glue gun plugged in and heating up.

I carefully and painstakingly tested and re-tested an array of arrangements of the little feathers behind my statement piece. Thankfully I did because I checked myself in the mirror after the first one thinking I had NAILED the look and it looked more like Big Bird’s cousin had exploded on head–basically I was a feathery hot mess (NOT that I have anything against Big Bird or his make believe cousin).

After I did finally do a little editing I found the right balance of cheap, little, irritating feathers, I hot glued them down before anything

I thought this looked good, until I put it on my head–then I realized it was GIANT & too spotted.

terrible could happen to them. ***BE SUPER CAREFUL with the hot glue gun around those cheap feathers because they will melt if the heat from the glue gun lingers near them at all.

While I let all of the glue for that harden, I decided to do a trial run of my 1920’s makeup. Bless their hearts, you gotta love that the flapper women ignored the bold lip OR eye rule and rocked both. For the right flapper look, you have to do a charcoal black over the whole lid and smudge it up towards (but NOT over) the brow bone. You can use a little white highlighting shadow below the brow line and towards the tear ducts if you want. Then make your lashes as big and bold as possible. Now, you have to do a dark, bold,

Best I could do to show the make up. You should see the horrific outtakes from these attempts.

red lip. The red I used is a touch too bright. After seeing these pictures, I’ll have to get something a little darker. Just do those two things and wear the rest of your makeup as usual and you’ll fine.

Getting back to the headband, I again tested and re-tested where I wanted the feathered statement piece to go on the headband. Once I figured it out, I hot glued that thing to within an inch of its life. LET IT COOL DOWN AND DRY. Do not be impatient like me and try it on too soon.

There you have it! I’ll share pics next week of my completed look, but you’ve seen my trial run. Hopefully some of you decide to go out and dress up as “Mobsters and Molls.”

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  1. What do you think the equivalent costume would be for a man?

    • Great question! A man could wear a nice pin stripe suit, a fedora, white suspenders, and some two-toned oxford shoes. A look like this would be the perfect compliment to the flapper girl. You could add some toy money and a cigar if you want to go the more “mobster” route!

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