Planning Your Super Bowl Party

By Laura

Last year a lovely friend of mine had the great idea of co-hosting a Super Bowl party with me. It was great…so great in fact that we’re doing it again THIS year. It’s going to be even better because we’re learning from our mistakes. Here’s what we’ve learned and what we’re doing differently:

Lesson Learned: There is such thing as too much dip

This was part of our sandwich station last year. Once people started eat it it became harder to tell what it was, but it was still cool.

Last year we had so much guacamole and salsa it was outrageous. All of them were good and all tasted different…but they were still all dips. Yes, as hostesses we had other food, but our guests largely brought dip. This year, we got smarter. My co-hostess set up a Facebook group where we could all announce what we were bringing. **Knock on wood** it appears that so far this year we’ve got a wider range of food showing up. Using a website like are PERFECT for organizing things like this.

Lesson Learned: There is such NO such thing as too many TVs

This year, we’re going to have at least two TVs rolling..if not 3. Our main TV is a good size, but when you’ve got that many people in one space, you need more than one. Our plan is to have one in the kitchen and the living room and MAYBE one in the garage or outside. It’ll depend on the weather, but getting people to spread out a little bit and to make it feel more like a sports bar, we’re going to expand our viewing experience.

Lesson Learned: Stations aren’t just for Kindergartners 

Last year we had a drink station and a sandwich station. Those were HITS! People liked the nice displays we put out for both. We’re thinking of keeping all of the categories of things together and in different areas to, again, spread people around and to make things look neat. We’ll have a dessert area in one room, chips all together on one side of the table and dips on the other…we’ll have displays for meats and condiments…basically we’re upping our display game.

This is one of the many pennants I created to help decorate for the game!

Lesson Learned: There’s never too much spirit

Beaded necklaces, theme appropriate plates & cups, table clothes, pennants, posters…all appreciated efforts. You’d think theme parties would be just for little kids, but nope! Adults appreciate it too. We’re not going for a Real Housewives of Whatever City sort of theme party here, but we’re going to pull out some 49ers and Ravens swag. We’ve got themed food and we’ll do decorations to go with it.

We’d LOVE to share some of your tips and tricks! Let us know! The Super Bowl is ALWAYS fun if if you don’t like either team playing or aren’t even a football fan. It’s all about the experience…and maybe the game–maybe.

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