iPad Halloween Apps: For Kids of All Ages

By Laura GeeUSstoragesearch.com

It never occurred to me that somebody would take the time to create a holiday-specific app. That just shows how clueless I still am when it comes to my iPad. My mom called me this past weekend and told me to do a simple search for “Halloween” in the app center. Nearly two hours later, I was lost in a sea of zombies, pumpkins, and totally nerding-out on these apps. During my exploration I came across some great apps–and some not-so-great ones. Because it is Monday, I’m going to focus on the positive and only tell you the ones I LOVE and recommend you download.


My Cinderella pumpkin from Pumpkin Creation.


If you are like me and want to plan your pumpkin before you carve it, then you’ll like this. You can go through and try lots of different faces so you can pick a combination of eyes, noses, mouths, etc. until you find something you like. After that, you an go above and beyond the basics by changing colors, adding accessories  and adjusting the background. I DID have a hard time finding nice looking faces. I really wanted to make a Cinderella themed pumpkin and this is the best I could do. It’s a scary Cinderella I suppose.


This app had my husband and I rolling in the floor laughing. Basically, this app’s basic function has a skeleton that repeats anything that you say. There are a bunch of other functions, like you can have it record what you say, throw pumpkins at it, take pictures with it (yes, like pose with it!), have it make rude noises, and a whole host of other things. It’s fun having people with different pitches of voice speak into because the way the skeleton repeated Jimmy’s voice was completely different how it repeated my voice–which kind of added to the humor. Yes, that was probably a “you had to be there” moment, but you should download this and give it a shot.

Halloween Coloring 

My Chipper Jones cat from the Halloween coloring book app.


I liked this one as well. It has tons of great features that make coloring even easier. One thing that I appreciate is that there is a “stay in the lines” feature. There were a variety of pictures to choose from so people with varying coloring skills can enjoy this. You can see in the screenshot that my little cat I created is in honor of my Chipper Jones who just retired.

Screenshot of my final product from the Make A Zombie app.

Make A Zombie

Zombies have never been my thing. I’ve seen Night of the Living Dead and that’s the extent of my zombie knowledge. I just liked that this was a nifty little app to create cute characters. This one was particularly nice because it was fast. It took me less than two minutes to create this little fella you see to the left. Tons of options were available to really good and personalize your own little zombie.

Creationary by LEGO

Not going to lie–I struggled with this app. My LEGO skills never really advanced beyond the big blocks that only came in primary colors (remember those?). This is a game where basically you have to guess what the computer is building out of LEGOs based on what category you roll. I went 0-4 until Jimmy jumped in to help me. I was having a “can’t see the forest for the trees” kind of problem and I couldn’t see the whole picture for focusing on the details. In reality, this a is a REALLY easy game once I got the hang of it and this would be fun for kids.

Coindoizer Halloween

I LOVE COINDOZER. You know the game where you drop coins into a machine, a mechanical arm pushes the coins forward, then if you plan right coins and prizes fall off the front of the shelf? Ya, that’s this game. I play it (and several variations of it) on my iPad and LOVE playing it in person. Luckily for me, the Virginia State Fair came through weekend before last and I got to play for real. Anywho, this is the exact same game as classic Coindoizer except that it has Halloween themed colors and prizes. Pretty much I love it, but as far as Halloween apps go, it made the list for being an awesome app and not so much an excellent Halloween app.

All of these apps are great for kids of all ages. You might want to limit kids to just the basic functions of the Talking Skeleton app because he can get a little rough, but he’s still fun. Give ’em a shot! If you have one you like better, please let me know!

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