Helping Out the Dads on the Go


No, I don’t want a “murse,” a man purse, a man bag, or any of those other cutesy little names for a diaper bag. I just want a bag that has the stuff I  need. Why do people want to put an embarrassing,  girly spin on stuff relating to kids? I just want to take my kid out and bring what they need and be done with it. Oh, and no, I don’t want to share a bag with my wife because pink butterflies don’t exactly go with my personality. To help out other dads like me who just want straight forward information without all of the fluffy stuff, here’s a few ideas:

Dads, don't stress out. It is possible to hang out with a toddler without speaking baby talk & wearing butterflies. ( ID1974/

Get a Good Bag

As previously mentioned, sharing a bag with my wife isn’t an option. 1) it is pink with butterflies and 2) she carries a ton of useless stuff. I like and Both sites have pretty good stuff that looks normal. And by normal, I don’t mean blue puppies since blue is for boys. I mean, these bags look like regular laptop bags or messenger bags. Just because I’m a dad my kid is a baby doesn’t mean I have to wear baby stuff, too. I’ll let her wear the pink and the butterfly stuff and I’ll stick to the stuff that looks like it was created for a grown man.

Pack Smart

Packing smart doesn’t mean over packing. Dads, packing smart means thinking ahead and packing what you know you’ll need and worrying about the extra stuff later if the problem occurs. Yes, you do need a lot of stuff and each kid is different, so planning and packing isn’t the same for each of your kids. No, however, you don’t need entire, gigantic bag to pack all of your kids needs. If your kid loves Mr. Elephant, bring Mr. Elephant along, but leave the other stuffed animals at home. Bring diapers, but don’t bring the whole warehouse-sized case of them.  Think about what you AND your kid NEEDS. Make sure when you pack you bring what you need too–like your wallet–because that’s kind of important.

Random Advice for Any Dad

  • Bring entertainment (generally a smartphone with YouTube capabilities can do when you’re really desperate)
  • Bring a change of clothes for kids under, oh, let’s say 8 years old
  • Have all important numbers plugged into your phone
  • Have snacks and drinks at all times
  • Keep your car keys in your hand or your pocket at all times to avoid accidentally locking your kid in the car
  • You can’t have enough wipes. It’s true. Wipes can be used for anything
  • Don’t lose favorite toys. I don’t care what it takes, don’t lose that prized toy, pacifier, or blanket or whatever. Life will come to an end. I’m not exaggerating. Been there, done that.
  • Stay calm. As long as everybody is healthy, then it’s fine.
  • Don’t let kids see your fear. They’ll win if they see you are off your game.


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