Kid Activities to Keep Them Busy & Mess Free

By Rebecca Mathison, Guest Blogger

Keeping kids busy isn’t easy. No matter how many toys any given kid might have, you’ll still hear, “I’m bored” or the worst is when you’re out in public and you hear, “I’m bored.” To help myself out, I did a little online research for ideas for fresh kid activities to do with the kiddos to keep them busy. Feeling generous, I’m sharing with you today:

Finding mess-free ways to entertain kids on rainy days. (Deyan Georgiev/

Milk Jug Ball Catcher

My nephews are FULL of energy. Anything I can do to get them up, out of their chairs, and moving is what I’m looking for. Why? because keeping them still is a wasted effort. I found this great link from that involves crafting AND getting up and moving–two things the boys appreciate. I like that several kids at once can do this and this one activity can keep them busy for a long time. The customization of the catchers means that I don’t have to worry about “he has mine” or any of those debates.

Masking Tape Games

We love going on summer beach vacations and playing games. Too bad we only get to go to the beach for one week a year. The other weeks of the year though, I can bring many of our favorite games inside away from the bitter winter cold. This link from gives you many ideas on how to create fun indoor games using masking tape. The masking tape is fast to set up and easy to clean up. You’ll find tutorials for bowling, balance beams, and other fun games!

Restaurant Games

I like to take the kiddos out to dinner–mainly so I don’t have to clean my sister’s kitchen after I cook in her house. But none the less, we like to go out and it isn’t always easy to keep them all occupied. This link from shares some great, quiet games to keep kids occupied while you wait for your food to show up. These are cute! I had flashbacks to staying busy in middle school study hall with some of them. I will keep this link handy on my smartphone the next time watch the kids.


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