New Semester is a Fresh Start

By Laura Gee,

By now, your kids are probably back in school after a wonderful winter break. Have you noticed that your kids are already slipping back into old and not-so successful habits? Now is the time to change them! By now, you also know how your students’ teacher(s) operate. Now you have a chance to help your kids have a fresh start this semester by applying good habits to what your experiences so far this year.


At this point, you should know basically what teachers assign what sort of work load. You should adjust your schedule to meet these demands. If you know Mrs. Jones likes to assign major reading assignments on Wednesday, have a schedule with built-in time to accommodate that assignment. If you didn’t think that waiting until after dinner was working to complete assignments, then change the habits now! There might be a struggle at first, but it’ll be worth it. Homework, unfortunately, is a major part of a student’s school experience, so make sure you are building time for it into your family’s routine.


Don’t be afraid to ask to meet with a teacher. You don’t have to wait until assigned parent/teacher conference days to chat. If you have a concern, contact your student’s teacher as soon as possible. Emails, phone calls, or ARRANGED meeting times are all good options (notice the emphasis on arranged…surprising teacher with meetings won’t make anybody happy). As previously mentioned, you’ve been able to see different teaching styles for teachers and now you can ask for ways to make sure your student and that teacher’s style works well together.

Keeping Up with Assignments

Somewhere, somehow, your student should have all assignments written down. Most schools require students to have agendas or a calendar of some sort. LOOK AT THAT AGENDA. It might be your student’s responsibility to keep up with everything, but knowing that a parent will be checking in is usually a pretty good incentive for the student to keep up with that agenda. You can learn a lot about what’s going on with your student by keeping track of what is in the agenda. So make checking this book part of your routine.

Make sure your student has a successful new semester by helping them out. This little bit of guidance will work wonders. All of this sage advice has been gleaned from some of the brightest minds in education that I had the privilege to work with. Basically those 3 pieces of advice were given to all of our parents with concerns at the mid-year point. So take what you’ve learned about your students’ school experience so far this year and help them adjust their ways so they can have a successful new semester.

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