VLOG: 5 Easy Arm Exercises

By Laura GeeUSstoragesearch.com

Like I said the other day with my planking exercises, I’m NOT a doctor or a trainer or anything of the sort…I’m just a person on a recent fitness kick sharing what I like. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself and please consult professionals before doing anything new.

Now that I got that out of the way, here’s my video for my 5 easy arm exercises. I’ve compiled these from various workouts over the years. Inspiration has come from a Marine, a bridal boot camp workout, Richard Simmons (yes, Mr. Dancing to the Oldies himself), and the protein-shake gym jocks from college.

The basic arm exercises are: bicep curls, shoulder press, shoulder raises to the front, shoulder raises to the side, and a tricep extension.

These are great gateway arm exercises to help you build strength so you can move up to other exercises. I’ve added a lot of new things and continue to search for new exercises to keep my workout routines effective and interesting.

As I find out more things that work, I’ll share them with you! Maybe I’ll explore yoga next or try some of the circuit routines that a few Marine buddies do. We’ll see!

Until then, please send me your workout tips and tricks!

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