Recipes for Mardis Gras King Cake

By Laura

My Facebook page has featured friends all over the country eating Mardis Gras King Cakes all day. After doing a little research, I realized that this king cake for Mardis Gras is a little different than the traditional ones of other countries and I learned all about the traditions of the Gulf Coast king cake…however, I’m not sharing that with you today. I know you just want to know how to make one for yourself. So, here they are:

Here is one festive King Cake all ready for Mardi Gras. (Gema Blanton/

Traditional: Mardi Gras King Cake

This first recipe is from I love that site because their directions are so easy to follow and I’ve never really had a failed recipe from them. This recipe is tricky because you’re making the whole deal from scratch AND it yields a LOT of cake, but I’m willing to bet big money that it is worth all of the hard work and that you won’t be plagued with too many left-overs.

Kids Can Make: Mardi Gras King Cake

This one is supposed to be so easy a kid can do it–or a novice baker like myself. I like this one because you buy the dough. You just have to make the filling and roll the cake up into a circle. Also, the author is pretty entertaining and she shares a lot of interesting information.

Easy Recipe from Emeril:

This one takes 40 minutes from start to finish–that’s my kind of cake. I like this one too because it is full of flavor and Emeril breaks down all of the steps really well. Honestly, I think clean up might be the most difficult part of this baking experience.

Pillsbury Mini King Cakes:

These are adorable. Here’s how you do it: take an uncooked Pillsbury cinnamon roll, spread it out into a circle, bake it, then poor the packaged frosting on it, and then decorate. It’s that easy. That’s crazy easy. Granted, it doesn’t have your fruit fillings or anything, but it is pretty cool and you could still hide a plastic baby in one of them. I would serve something like this at a Mardi Gras themed dinner party or something.

There you have ’em–four easy recipes to make you own Mardi Gras style king cake. If you try one, let me know!

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