Choosing a Good Office Chair

By Aaron Mackel,

Unless you have a job that requires some level of physical labor, it is likely that you are sitting the majority of the time that you are spending at work. In addition to that, more and more people are able to work from home making choosing a chair even more relevant for more people. makes the claim that 86% of workers are uncomfortable at work and that 50% of them blame their chair directly. If you are like so many that spend so much time in an office chair, it might be worthwhile to look into something that fits your needs and helps you stay comfortable whether you work from an office or home.

Chairs like the one pictured might look nice, but it might not provide you with the best support you'll need for working.

There are several factors that should be considered when buying a chair. People are different and situations are different so choosing the right chair might change for certain situations. has given us some factors to consider when choosing a chair. Let’s take a look at some of these factors:

Ability to Recline – For anyone that is going to be sitting a long time this is a must. This means chairs like wooden chairs are not good for work. Not having any flexibility in the back will lead to pain over time.

Height – Adjustable height is another key component. Not everyone is the same height so having a chair that accommodates you no matter what your height is important. Having the proper height will allow you to be more productive and will also keep you more comfortable throughout the day.

Seat Length – Seat length is one many people might not think about right away. If your seat is too short, you will end up putting more pressure on your legs because the seat isn’t fully supporting you. If the seat is too lengthy your feet might have trouble hitting the ground and you will find yourself leaning forward to do your work. Either way it will cause discomfort at some point down the road.

Lower Back Support – The really good chairs will provide an area of support for the lower back. This is usually the biggest problem area for those who spend a lot of time working out of a chair. Finding the right chair for lower back support will be a matter of sitting down in some chairs and figuring it out. Everyone has different preferences and something that supports others might not feel right for you.

Wheels – Wheels should be determined by the surface your chair will be sitting on. If it is tile and your chair is going to move on you when you don’t want it to, that is going to become very annoying over time. If you are on a carpeted surface and want to easily be able to move your chair than wheels would be a great idea. This one really depends on the situation.

The last factor would be price point and that depends on the person and how much they are looking to spend. There are chairs that can fill your needs at varying price points. Picking a chair that works for you can be a great investment if it helps you work better and feel better. Plus it should save you some aches and pains down the road.


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