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Moving in the Rain

Moving When It's Raining

By Mike Jones, USstoragesearch.com It’s a beautiful time of year. Spring is approaching, and winter is finally on its way out! If you’re moving during the springtime, you must remember that the weather can change in an instant. Here are some simple tips...
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Moving Boxes: Alternative Options

Options for Moving Boxes

By Nick Bilava, USstoragesearch.com The traditional ideas of how to move are being thrown out the window. There are now more options for moving your things that can save time, including the type of moving boxes you use. Find, Don’t Buy Never buy cardboard boxes...
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Guest Blog: Beneficial Budget Moving Tips

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger Moving takes physical and mental strain, great organizational skills and prioritizing. The sooner you face the real scale of a move, the earlier you start with your adequate approach towards the situation. The first step ahead is a strict plan to guide you through this time-consuming process, reminding you what's...
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