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How Self Storage Can Help Apartment Renters

Using Self Storage for Apartments

By Nick Bilava, USstoragesearch.com Whether this is your first time on your own or just a change of scenery, moving into an apartment can be an exciting time in your life. However, with apartment living also comes some unique challenges—like not having enough space for...
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Moving in the Rain

Moving When It's Raining

By Mike Jones, USstoragesearch.com It’s a beautiful time of year. Spring is approaching, and winter is finally on its way out! If you’re moving during the springtime, you must remember that the weather can change in an instant. Here are some simple tips...
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7 Things To Do When Moving

By Jessa Diebel, USstoragesearch.com Things to Do Before When MovingWhen moving, it’s extremely easy to let small things fall through the cracks. Instead of focusing solely on packing and moving your items, it’s crucial to remember to change your address, transfer your medical records, and more....
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Moving Boxes: Alternative Options

Options for Moving Boxes

By Nick Bilava, USstoragesearch.com The traditional ideas of how to move are being thrown out the window. There are now more options for moving your things that can save time, including the type of moving boxes you use. Find, Don’t Buy Never buy cardboard boxes...
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Packing and Moving Unique Items

Carefully Moving Unique Items

By Nick Bilava, USstoragesearch.com It can be easy to overlook fragile items—like artwork, instruments, and plants—when moving to a new house, which is why we have compiled a couple of different tips to keep some of your most unique items safe during a...
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