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Guest Blog: Essential Packing Guide

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger Essential Packing Guide Packing is one of the most tedious and time-consuming jobs there is when it comes to moving home. It often takes many hours for us to pack up our belongings before we move home but often we do not take the necessary time and care to get the...
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Guest Blog: Antique Storage Tips and Guidelines

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger

Due to their age, antiques are known to be delicate, breakable and also unique. They should always be treated carefully, especially when they are being stored or packed during a move. As true testaments to man's creation, they are little pieces of...
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Guest Blog: Wine Storage Tips

By Grace Bailey, Guest Blogger Wine has been well known for centuries. Since ancient times people have been serving wine at important events and feasts. Nowadays wine is the most commonly used type of alcoholic drink due to its soft, delicious taste that helps people to relieve stress and sleep well. Of course its...
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