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Move Summer Clothes into Self Storage

Summer Clothing Storage

By Molly Hammond, USstoragesearch.com Summer is winding down, which means it's almost time to trade in tank tops for turtlenecks. But the trouble with transitioning your wardrobe from season to season is finding a place to keep your off-season wardrobe that's clean,...
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Does Your Wine Storage Facility Have a Backup Generator?

Backup Generator for Wine Storage

By Colette Rector, USstoragesearch.com When you're aging your wine collection to perfection, you can't afford to have it spoil due to bad storage. That's why you invested in a climate-controlled storage unit, which allows you to keep your wine collection between...
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Using Self Storage During Overseas Deployment

Storage for Deployment

By Nick Bilava, USstoragesearch.com After ending a rental lease on an apartment or home because of an overseas deployment, men and women serving in the military often don't have much time to find alternative arrangements for furniture, vehicles, and other belongings before leaving the...
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Protecting Your Storage Unit from Rodents

Prevent Rodents

By Molly Hammond, USstoragesearch.com When you rent a storage unit to store your items—whether it's for a move or because you don't have enough space at your home or office—it's because you care about your possessions. You want to keep them in good shape,...
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Portable Storage vs. Self Storage

Mobile Storage

By Weston Cooper, USstoragesearch.com When it comes to choosing the best storage option for you, there are two major routes you could go. The first, of course, is the traditional self storage route, where you place your belongings in a storage facility. The second is a newer...
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