Generate a Social Media Strategy for Self Storage Marketing

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

The self storage industry’s use of social media is finally growing. We’ve mentioned in previous articles how industry members are seeing the need for it and are starting to plan for it. Today, I want to talk about the planning portion of it. While, yes, social media is relatively easy in theory, it is more complicated in actual practice. Here are 3 things to think about when you begin self storage marketing via social media:

Where to start?

What direction will your company’s social media marketing efforts? (kostasgr/

There are many, many social media outlets these days. Even if your just cover the big ones of Facebook, Twitter, and G+ it can be time consuming. Beyond those, you can go into YouTube, FourSquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace…and still even more. My advice is to start off small and start off with the ones that will benefit your facility and business the most. G+ and Twitter are great places to start to begin connecting with others in the industry. Facebook is good because many are familiar with the basics of it. If you have anybody with an eye for photography, I’m sure you could go wild with Instagram at a storage facility. Just pick a couple that won’t be overwhelming to start maintaining regularly.

Who will be your voice?

It’s easy to look around and toss this job towards the youngest person in the room assuming that they know all about social media or pay your high school student who is always on Twitter anyway to do it, but is that the best choice? Remember that the internet is written in ink and anything posted on behalf of your company is permanent…even if you delete it. You want to trust your company’s online reputation with somebody is responsible and will maintain a quality image online. It only takes a few keystrokes and a quick lapse in judgement to cause major problems. Just ask many of the world’s major companies who have had somebody slip up. Train a person who is responsible to use social media rather than try to train a person who is tech savvy to be responsible.

Establish Guidelines

If you know you have specific things you find appropriate and inappropriate, make them known. Perhaps you don’t want to go near political posts with a 10 foot pole or maybe you’re the opposite where you want your company to support various causes you feel strongly about. That is up to you. We encourage you to have clearly established rules before any social media efforts begin to avoid confusion.

Social media is fun and can be highly beneficial for your company. The company’s recognition gets to grow and its online footprint is extended. The advertising capabilities and connections that can be made via online relationships are nearly limitless. Find ways to get online and perform self storage marketing via social media that you are comfortable with and that your staff is well versed in and see what benefits occur.

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