Storage Marketing Content for Today’s Consumer

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Storage units don’t often get rented on  whim. Rarely do people just say, “Gee, I think it’d be nice to have a little more wiggle room at home. Let’s go to the first place we find and rent the first storage unit available without doing any research.” This, I would venture to guess, rarely happens because most people are renting a storage unit with a specific plan in mind during a specific time period of their life. Make sure that your storage marketing efforts are helping people find what they’re looking for with their facility.

Storage marketing can help college students in transition see how nice putting their dorm gear in a storage unit for the summer can be. (mangostock/

First, signing up with can help you in this effort. How we share your information on our site allows busy people to find fast answers to the most frequently asked questions quickly. At a glance, potential customers can see what sizing options you offer, pictures of your facility (if you wish), location, and any amenities you might offer. Gleaning all this information quickly is a goal for most busy people searching for storage space.

Next, when you advertise, keep people in various life stages in mind. Spring is the time of year when you want to really focus on college students and people who are moving. Market your storage options specifically for these groups. In the picture of your ad, show a college student moving out for the summer. Consider promotions that might benefit college students. To target people who are moving, mention the ways a storage unit can help during this busy time. This would also be a perfect opportunity to showcase that your facility offers things like truck rentals, supplies to be purchased on-site, and extra security measures to keep your worldly possessions safe.

With your storage marketing, think about what information you would want if you were looking for a storage unit. You’d want to know access hours, location, special deals, size range, options for vehicle storage perhaps, and perhaps any amenities that might sweeten a deal. Fit what you can into your advertisement to help draw people in and provide them with useful information.

With this economy, many people have truly let the “money doesn’t grow on trees” concept sink into their way of life. People who are actively seeking storage want to know they’re getting a good deal and would probably like to know that without having to go to a lot of effort. Let your facility be the one they turn to because your storage marketing efforts were so spot on this year.

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