The Best Garage Storage Solutions

By Danielle Burgess, Guest Contributor from

For many men, the garage is their sanctuary, the ultimate man cave and perfect escape from life’s little troubles to be in their “element”. This is all true until they have kids, acquire more things than they know what to do with, and turn to this space for storage purposes. Over time, this ultimate man cave can turn into a nightmare.

If this blog is speaking to you personally, the information to come may be of great value! We researched the Internet high and low for the ultimate garage storage solutions to reverse the formation of a cluttered nightmare back into that favorite place for men.  We found some pretty good stuff, but if you have better ideas, please share them with us!

Garage Storage Solutions:

1. Utilize high space. High, out of reach places in your garage have many different possibilities for innovative storage solutions.  The picture of the ladder (below) is a great example of just that. Other solutions include adding high shelving or cabinets in locations near the ceiling, as well as hanging storage bins as shown in the picture below. Since this area is out of reach, and inconvenient to access regularly, it may be best to keep this area for seasonal storage or objects you seldom use.

2. Store items on walls. You will create more room in your garage if you get stuff up off the floor and into a more organized order on the wall.  Possibilities are also endless when storing stuff here. Mount hooks, brackets, racks, and add more shelving. Bikes racks are a great example of a storage device that can help organize your garage.

3. A rolling workbench.  Is a big workbench just not feasible in your garage? Or would you like to get rid of yours for more parking? If so, a rolling workbench may be just the solution. A rolling workbench is much less of a space hog and very mobile.  As new stuff comes in, a rolling workbench will allow for more flexibility to rearrange.

4. Outdoor cabinet storage. Who said everything has to be stored inside? Buy or build cabinet storage to be placed outdoors, and place hoses, pots, shovels, racks, etc., inside.

If you are extremely tight on space and none of these solutions remedy your problem, a storage unit may be your next best option. There are plenty of units located across the United States with affordable rates and in convenient locations.  Find the perfect storage unit for you with!

Danielle Burgess is an account manager with, a Lincoln, NE Social Media company founded by Blake Lawrence & Adi Kunalic that develops and implements online marketing strategies for businesses and brands.  The company also works with professional athletes.


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