Guest Blog: The Top 5 Travel Jobs for 2013

Richard McMunn, Guest Blogger

According to the US Travel Association, the travel industry is poised to add 100,000 new jobs in 2013 and this is quite remarkable since the economy is still sluggish. However, the US economy has started to perk up and more people are expected to travel in 2013 than in the recent past. If you are seeking a career change or just love to travel then you should make the most of this welcome development, and land a hot tourism job.

Travel jobs are hot for 2013. Which one would you want?

Travel agents immediately come to mind when we think of travel related careers. Leisure travel agents help individuals and families who plan on taking a holiday, and this career path is set to take off in 2013. If you like making travel arrangements, and are a people person, then this is a great vocation to enter. When you become a travel agent, you in essence are the expert couples and families look to when planning a holiday. Most travel agencies prefer agents with formal industry specific education.

Another hot travel job for 2013 is to become a tour operator. They plan tours for travelling groups, families, and individuals. Cruise trips, RV roundups, and adventure trips are typical types of tours operators design and plan. Since holiday travel is expected to increase by significant margins in 2013 this is a great vocation to pursue. Tour operators are typically trained in two year vocational schools or two year colleges.

If you have a knack for negotiating deals and love to travel, becoming a travel wholesaler might be the perfect job for you. Travel wholesalers negotiate prices for travel agents. Hotels rates, airline tickets, cruises, and adventure tours are all made available via negotiated prices, and the Internet has increased the effectiveness of this occupation. Travel wholesalers buy hotel and airline seats in bulk, and then pass the savings on to travel agents. Earning an Associate degree in Travel, Tourism and Lodging Management gets you in the door of this exciting career.

While nursing may not sound like a travel-related career, the fact is there is a worldwide shortage of nurses. If you have the credentials and experience this could be your chance to not only work in a job you love, but travel the world at the same time. This is exactly what travelling nurses do, and you can write your own ticket. Travelling nurses generally work for a company that provides a furnished home in a foreign country along with an allowance to travel to different hospitals. In addition, travelling nurses usually earn a higher income than their non-travelling counterparts.

Tour guides are hot commodities right now, and this will only increase in 2013. Increased tourism to foreign lands means opportunity for people who love to travel, like to talk, and are history buffs. Every single city that attracts vacationers needs tour guides. Some guides work for a particular entity, such as a museum, while others engage in themed tours like historical bus tours.

The travel industry is expected to create 100,000 jobs in the USA in 2013. Alas the picture may not be so great in the United Kingdom. For people who love to travel this is your opportunity to take advantage of this windfall. The top five listed jobs above are all hot and need people to fill them today. Whether you are just starting out or considering a career change you really should take a serious look at the travel industry.

About Richard McMunn: Richard is the founder of, the UK’s leading training and recruitment website for public sector careers. They focus on providing students with knowledge they need to prepare for and pass selection processes for specific careers such as the police and fire service. The website currently offers over 150 different titles. You can also find How2become on Twitter.


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