App of the Week: iThoughts

By: Aaron Mackel,

Any savvy business person strategizes on how to improve their business in one way or another. Whether it is taking on new projects, exploring new marketing strategies to attract more business, or trying to get more out of what you are currently doing—there is always something that can be improved. People are also becoming more and more visual.

Most people can benefit by visualizing their thoughts. This also allows people to better understand what you are trying to accomplish and how they can contribute. This is why mind-mapping has become a popular way to strategize and brainstorm. You and others can see the whole process visually and can add and subtract as you need. iThoughts is a great mind-mapping app for both the iPad and iPhone that can help you to improve your business.

This mind-mapping app can be used for a variety of different purposes. If you want to evaluate and improve your relationships with current customers, this is for you. If you want to evaluate your current marketing strategy to acquire new customers and improve upon it, this is for you.

Visualizing what you have allows you to see what you are missing and makes it easy to add things that you did not think of before. One of the real values is that while you might understand a process or a strategy in your head, it might be hard for others to follow your thought process. Putting it in visual form will make sure they understand it and are on the same page as you.

As a visual app, you have to see it to truly understand the value. Check out some of the iThought images and uses for this app on their website, As they mention, this app is great for strategy, problem solving, planning, communication, and much more.

Growing as a business relies on pushing further and finding new ways to improve your current processes. Visualizing goals, the strategies you want to establish to meet these goals, and the results of the actions along the way will help you and those you work with understand the adjustments that must be made.

iThought is a great app that can benefit your business in many ways. This app costs $9.99 but is worth the price for anyone who is serious about finding new and creative ways to improve their business. Thoughts are not visual, but they can be with this mind-mapping app.

Click here to see the iThought app page.

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