By Aaron

Hong Kong is hosting the first Asian storage industry expo in March of this year. The 2013 Self Storage Asia Expo is indicative of the growing Asian self storage industry and the expansion of the storage industry world wide. Asia’s growing storage industry makes Hong Kong a good choice to host this first expo in this area.

This Expo is set to draw in attendees from China, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the US. The storage industry is seeing growth on other continents as well. Asia has seen a growth in their middle class and has seen that this demographic wants more space. Storage units provide the space needed to house items at a generally cheaper cost than buying a larger residence as Asia’s property prices continue to grow.

Full Occupancy CEO Joshua Steimle is slated to speak at this upcoming Hong Kong event. Steimle’s topic of choice is going to be “Self Storage Online Marketing 101.” Here in the US and at, we know very well the power behind strong online marketing. This power is being seen in the Asian markets as well. The power of the Internet–especially when used on mobile devices–is helping to grow and develop the self storage industry in Asia. An expanding middle class looking for more space is turning to the Internet for solutions to their storage problems. 

Working for Full Occupancy, a  web design and SEO firm catering exclusively to self storage companies, Steimle’s aware of the impact good online marketing can have on a company’s growth, reach, and sales potential.

In a recent press release, Steimle is quoted as saying, “Self storage companies could have gotten years ahead of their competitors and could have become entrenched online. Now many operators, even large ones, are scrambling to catch up.” Steimle also said , “In Asia the market is still emerging and self storage operators there have the opportunity to get ahead of the game when it comes to online marketing.”

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