After renting self storage space from, avoid common mistakes that can ruin your storage experience. (mervas/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

To have a good self storage experience, you’ve got to put forth a little effort. Not a whole lot because a little goes a long way, but some planning and organizing goes a long way. Generally we share tips on how you can do things to make life easier when you’re moving or putting things into storage, but today we’re telling you things to avoid like the plague. Here are three major, but simple, things you can avoid to make renting self storage a better experience for you:

After renting self storage space from, avoid common mistakes that can ruin your storage experience. (mervas/
After renting self storage space from, avoid common mistakes that can ruin your storage experience. (mervas/

Avoid (Hidden) Moisture

Moisture leads to mold and mildew which means damaged items and that horrible, musty smell that permeates items faster than you can imagine. When you’re renting self storage spaces, especially ones without climate control, that musty smell and damaging mold and mildew can happen quickly. Avoid putting any forms of moisture into your space. This means drying out appliances, fish tanks, bags of pool toys…anything that at one time might’ve contained water. Also, you should wipe down everything as you put it into your unit especially on humid or rainy days. Even a little bit of lingering residue can be harmful. Another place moisture likes to discretely hide is in cardboard. Make sure boxes are kept completely dry. Hidden moisture traps like plastic bags full of things and damp boxes can be a nightmare when renting self storage.

Avoid Hassle

Your self storage unit should be functional and work well for you. Don’t cut corners to save a few dollars when spending those few dollars might save your sanity or your back. Rent a unit that has features that work for you. Dismissing drive-up units or climate controlled units when renting self storage to try to save a few bucks might not be worth it in the long run. Also, avoid the hassle of figuring out what to do when you’ve rented a unit that is too small.

Avoid Attracting Critters

In general, facilities work hard to ward off mice and bugs and other living creatures that might do damage to your stuff, but nobody is perfect. You need to avoid attracting critters when you put your things into storage. Storing food items or leaving trash in your unit is incredibly tempting for bugs and rodents. When renting self storage for your vehicle this is especially important when you’re keeping said vehicle outside. It’s up to you to clean out your vehicle and properly block off entry points. Keeping a clean unit should be a priority when renting self storage to protect your items from an infestation.

Basically, there are things you can NOT do in order to have a better self storage experience. Protecting your items and having things that you can use again are pretty high up there on the priorities list when you think about what you need what you need to get from renting a storage unit. Avoiding moisture, hassle, and attracting critters are three big ones for basic self storage advice.