Storage with Electricity

By Patrick Galvan,

Self storage renters frequently rent units with amenities like climate control and drive-up access, but there’s another amenity renters can benefit from having: access to electrical outlets inside the unit.

Here are few situations where you might find use for in-unit electricity.

1. Recharging Batteries and Electronics

Some tenants use climate-controlled storage units to store electronics because harsh temperatures and humidity levels could potentially damage delicate circuitry. If your climate-controlled storage unit also features in-unit electricity, you can recharge your electronics without needing to remove them from storage.

For example: During the summer, you might be frequently using your ATV, which means you’ll need to recharge the battery from time to time. So if you’re keeping your ATV in a self storage unit with in-unit electricity, you can recharge its battery at your convenience. This is much easier than taking it back home, charging it, and then returning it to the storage facility.

You can also recharge other items that use electricity, such as cell phones, laptops, and power tools. Always be sure to ask the facility what kinds of equipment they allow or do not allow in their units, though, as some electrical items (like space heaters) aren’t allowed in facilities.

2. Running a Business

“Businesses are prime users of our electrical outlets,” says Jesse Ament, Marketing Manager for STORExpress Self Storage in Pittsburgh, Penn. “Commercial customers love the fact that they can run their business and store items all in the same place with their utilities already included. They don’t have to worry about paying an extra electrical bill each month.”

In addition to the utilities, storage units with electrical outlets provide several advantages for commercial tenants. If a business is using a storage unit as a warehouse or for file storage, they may need light when going through inventory. Being able to have lighting in the unit will make it easier for those tenants to grab what they need from their units. Having access to electricity also means business tenants can plug in laptops and use the Wi-Fi offered by their commercial storage facilities.

Ament says facilities sometimes have contractor units, too, which feature doors large enough for a car to slip through and 20 amp electrical power. “We have large RV drivers, construction contractors, and even metal workers who take full advantage of our electrical capabilities.”

3. Using Your Storage Unit for Hobbies

In-unit electricity is also useful for people who use their self storage unit for hobbies. “In the past, we’ve also had a woman who ran a workout studio, complete with treadmills and music,” says Ament.

With the advent of in-unit electricity, bands, photographers, videographers, and other creative types can plug in their equipment and carry on their hobbies in a self storage space.

Whether you’re using storage traditionally or non-traditionally, for business or personal use, you may need a storage unit with electrical outlets. Be sure to ask storage facilities if they offer electricity in their units.