Protecting your tires will help make sure your vehicle is ready to be driven whenever you are ready to take it for a spin.

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Opinions run rampant throughout both the storage industry and car industry when it comes to proper car storage. The good thing stands to be that there does not appear to be one theory that nails all aspects of good storage. Granted, some practices tend to be superior to others, but a variety of choices sits at your disposal. If you’re thinking of putting a vehicle into long term car storage, you should first ask yourself a few questions to help you figure out what you need from a self storage facility to have a good experience.

Figuring out what you want from a car storage experience requires you to think about what your end goals are.
Figuring out what you want from a car storage experience requires you to think about what your end goals are.

1) How do I need my car protected?

If you’re ultimate goal is to just have your vehicle in a place where it will be looked after and is out of the way, then having a simple spot in a storage lot is probably enough for you. You aren’t overly concerned about what impact the weather might have on it. If your goal is to have your vehicle’s quality maintained as well as possible, then you might want to consider renting a full-enclosed, climate-controlled car storage unit. Leaving your car at any facility should be a safer choice than leaving it on the street, but it is up to you and your preferences how much converge your car gets.

2) How important is location?

The proximity of your car storage place to your home or office or wherever is something to consider. Are you going to pay more to possibly have it as close to your home as you can? Or could you leave it at any facility as long as the price is right because you have no intentions of going near the car while it is stored? Location can sometimes impact price so consider this one carefully.

3) How important is function? 

Are you going to want to be able to drive this car regularly or will you expect it to be running when you get to it? If so, then you’ll want to look into a facility that has electrical hookups so you can use a battery tender or something of those sorts.

4) How important is access?

Yes, this is different than question 2. Some facilities offer 24 hour access so you’re free to see your car whenever you please. Some facilities have specific access hours. If you’re one who might want to bring your car in later in the evening after a fun night of cruising, you might want to seriously consider access hours.