By Meredith Whye,

Storage Spaces in Your HomeEveryone has those days where they’re just so frustrated with the lack of space in their home that they wished they lived in an Ikea model. But creating additional storage space around your home is easier than you think. You just need to know where to look.


Furniture can be the ultimate undercover storage. Try swapping out coffee tables and end tables in your living room for decorative trunks, suitcases, or small cabinets, which can hold extra items.

Also, your bed can be built to house additional storage. Instead of having a box spring beneath the mattress, your bed can utilize a base with drawers or cabinets.Then, you have additional storage for  clothes, shoes, or extra bedding. If you don’t want a bed with drawers or cabinet space, consider a lifted bed with a bedskirt so you can stash storage tubs and bins secretly.

Cabinet Tops

Look up in your kitchen or your bathroom and see how much space is above the cabinets. If your cabinets don’t stretch to the ceiling, you’re not maxing out your potential for storage space.

Building higher cabinets greatly increases space in a kitchen or bathroom. Lofted cabinets translate into a great place for hiding items you don’t regularly use like candlesticks, vases, or that fondue kit you got as a wedding present.


Doors in general are great places to sneak in extra space. You can use the backside of doors to hang baskets or narrow shelving to hold items all around your home. In the bathroom, multiple rods on a door let you hang more towels.

Cabinet doors can be used for extra storage as well. For example, you can store spices in the kitchen or toiletries in the bathroom by attaching shelving or baskets onto cabinet doors. Here’s a link to building your own cabinets for inside doors.

Bonus: Rows of hooks can be put on every door. If you stagger them, these hooks can hold more items at different lengths, such as purses or belts.

Under the Stairs

Transform the space under your stairs from a dusty, dingy hole to a place that can actually be used. If your stairs are highly visible, like in your home’s entryway, building shelves or drawers into the stairs allows you to make this space into storage for jackets or shoes. This area is also great for adding bookshelves, as you can use the slope of the stairs for large and small books.

If your stairs aren’t on the main level, you can change the area into a laundry room with a washer and dryer. Installing sliding doors hides the area and effectively uses the space. For further inspiration, check out this site for every under the stairs use imaginable.

No matter where you decide to add storage in your home, just remember that almost anything and anywhere can give you more space.