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Holiday decorations are one of those items that people seem to acquire a lot of.  After all, our parents and grandparents like to pass on their family heirlooms to us, and over time it all just kind of builds up.  If you like to keep things organized, and are looking for an alternative to buying bins and bags to store all those holiday decorations in I have some storage options for you.  I’m going to share some ways to keep your holiday decorations under control with items you may have already laying around your home.  Here are 4 holiday décor storage hacks.


  • Empty Oatmeal containers: Wrap strands of lights around the empty oatmeal containers to save space and avoid tangled strands.  This is also convenient because you can unravel the strands of lights from the tube as you hang them.  I know not everyone has oatmeal containers in their homes, but if you eat oatmeal and hate throwing away those big tubes every time they’re empty, this is a great solution.


  • Piece of cardboard: If you don’t have any oatmeal containers at your house, look around and get creative.  Break apart those empty boxes being delivered to your door during the holidays, and use the small rectangular closing tabs to wrap your lights around as well.  This would also be useful for garland.


  • Egg Cartons: Tree ornaments take up a lot of space, especially if you don’t have an efficient way of storing them neatly.  Try saving up those empty egg cartons for smaller ornaments.  Wrap each small ornament in some tissue paper and then place each one in the little pockets of the carton.  Egg cartons are easy to stack on top of one another in storage bins as well, and can be a huge space saver!


  • Clear garment bags: Ok, so I know that those plastic containers that hold wrapping paper tubes can be super handy, but what happens when they fill up, or worse, when the wrapping paper tubes you buy are taller that the bin and the lid doesn’t fit on nicely?  The other inconvenience about these bins is that they can take up quite a bit of space on the floor especially if you have multiples.  Try placing those tubes in unused garment bags.  Clear is even better so you can see what is in it without having to open it up.  We all know that going vertical with storage is a great solution to keeping the clutter off of the floor and since you hang garment bags, they can be stored neatly in any closet, and up off the ground.


These 4 inexpensive hacks can help organize your holiday décor this holiday season.  If anything, maybe this opens your mind to a bit of inspiration so you can get creative and look around your living spaces to see what kind of storage hack ideas you can come up with.