Self Storage Unit
Self Storage Unit

A storage unit can be a great way to save space in your home, apartment, or business as well as save you money in the process. Rather than buying a bigger space for all your stuff at a higher price, self storage gives you the option of shopping around for the right space on your budget—but did you know you can save even more space and money if you maximize your storage unit?

Here are a few quick tips to get the most use out of your storage unit.

1. How to organize your storage unit

It’s all too tempting to dump your stuff in a pile, cluttering up the entire storage unit in one fell swoop, but this consumes a lot of space and creates a lot of “voids” (gaps between your belongings) that could otherwise be used to store more stuff. A great way to keep your storage unit organized is to keep your belongings in cardboard boxes if not clear plastic totes. These containers typically stack easier and can stack higher without the risk of toppling over.

When it comes time to putting these boxes or totes in your unit, make sure you line the wall of a smaller unit, allowing you to see and reach everything later, or create rows of your belongings with aisles between them in the larger units.

2. How to use vertical space in a storage unit

We mentioned this earlier, but stacking will likely be one of your best friends when it comes to getting the most use out of your storage unit space. Using squared boxes or plastic totes, it’s recommended you stack no higher than your head to avoid anything toppling over on top of you and resulting in injury.

You can also bring in your own shelves to help keep the unit tidy, organized, and filled as you can have higher reach to store your belongings safely.

3. Where to start with using a storage unit

You can start getting the most out of your storage unit in your home or place of business with how you prepare larger items. For instance, break down your furniture. If you have a large table with four detachable legs, taking those legs off will allow you to eliminate any voids that a fully assembled table would create. Other things to look for and break down include:

  • Couches
  • Bed-frames
  • Desks
  • Book shelves

As you take these apart, another good tip would be to have a plastic baggy handy to collect any screws, nuts, or bolts. Once collected, tape this bag of needed materials to the disassembled item.

If storing clothes, a great space save is vacuum seal bags, which literally suck all the air out of the fabrics to save a ton of room. You can even stack these bags inside a container to stack again.

4. Spaces to look for space in a storage unit

Some belongings are just too big and bulky to break down—but that doesn’t mean they are without opportunities of their own to save you some space. For instance, a larger dresser could be filled with smaller items or papers. Same with a desk. An old bookshelf could even be used to stack and hold boxes of books, files, and other smaller items.

Having a storage unit can save you time and space at home—knowing how to use your storage unit can save you space and money at the storage facility.

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