Different Uses for Self Storage

By Molly Hammond, USstoragesearch.com

Plenty of people see storage units as a place to keep their boxes or cars, and not much more. While it’s true that mini storage is a great place to keep stuff in your life but out of your way, there are so many more cool uses for a unit. Check out these five uses for self storage that we bet you’ve never considered.

1. Show Off, Sell Stuff

The layout of your typical storage facility lends itself to being dressed up, which has spurred some facility owners to encourage local artists to display their work in units. These art shows are a fantastic way for artists to connect with their communities and mount something creative in the otherwise industrial-looking space.

Whether you’re an artist or simply looking to support local art, finding one of these shows in your area (or encouraging a facility near you to start one) is a great way to bring a little beauty into an unexpected place.

Storage facilities have also doubled as places for craft shows or flea markets. You can keep finished products, along with supplies and your sales table, in your unit for a low monthly fee, then cash in on the day of the market. These opportunities may not jump out at you, but once you find an operator who appreciates this opportunity, it’s a great way to get your wares out there.

2. Pursue Your Passion

While it’s a fairly new amenity, more and more storage facilities are offering units with electricity. If you can get your hands on one, then the opportunities are endless! Turn a climate-controlled unit into a personal craft studio, sewing room, or even a place for your band to rehearse. You’ll be as comfortable as you would be at home or in another commercially rented space, but you’ll save on mess and money spent. Having a dedicated space to pursue what’s really important to you is definitely worth a short drive to a storage facility.

3. Sculpt Yourself

Everybody has their own thoughts when it comes to fitness, but some regimens are just better performed out of the prying eyes at a local gym. If you’d rather sweat in solitude, you can consider renting a storage unit to get to work on your fitness. Whether you’d like a calm environment to practice yoga on your own or a space that can be transformed into the perfect CrossFit gym, a storage unit can be that space for the perfect price.

4. Keep Work Away from Home

Storage facilities are very sensitive to the needs of business owners, offering them a business storage space to store excess equipment, inventory, and files. Some facilities, however, go above and beyond these common corporate uses, offering amenities that make it possible for renters to set up shop in their units!

Particularly for small business owners or heads of startups, this a fantastic option. A climate-controlled unit with electrical outlets will allow you to set up all you’d need to do business at a monthly rental rate that’s much more appealing than a yearlong lease in a corporate office space. Some storage facilities will even have conference rooms available to commercial storage renters, too.

5. Get Creative

A storage unit is a blank canvas. You just need to think outside the box! Are you getting ready to store your classic car? Why not set up a projector and take your sweetheart to a personal drive-in movie? Finally finished moving into a new home? Keep all of those boxes in storage and spend an afternoon making forts and knocking over box-towers with your kids! An outdoor activity rained out? Relocate to your storage unit! Just push boxes to the back and have a picnic or a friendly game of frisbee inside—just don’t fire up the grill, okay?

You should always check with your storage facility manager to see if it’s okay to use your storage unit unconventionally. As long as you’re not being destructive or disruptive, most storage facilities will encourage you!