How Can Self Storage Help You?

By Patrick Galvan,

There are probably a lot of things you don’t know about self storage—especially if it’s your first time renting.

You may be thinking that you could save more money by storing items in your garage, basement, or attic at home. Or that storage is really inconvenient. Or that it’s only for hoarding junk that will eventually get repossessed and sold by the people on Storage Wars. Yeah, that’s not what storage is all about.

Self storage is a great way to declutter a home or office, protect valuable belongings, or even aid in big life transitions, like moving to a new home. Here are five things you might not know about self storage and its benefits.

1. Climate-Controlled Storage Protects Belongings

Sure, storing items you don’t need at home doesn’t cost any money upfront, but in the long run, you might end up facing sizable repair or replacement fees. Why? Your items could get damaged due to poor storage conditions.

One of the big reasons why attics, basements, and garages aren’t good places for storage is because you have little to no control over temperature and humidity. Items like electronics, photos, wooden furniture, and paper documents require comfortable storage conditions or else they could become badly damaged.

If temperatures inside become too hot or cold, wiring in electronics could fry or crack, wood can shrink and expand, and photos and paper items can buckle and fade. If the environment becomes too humid, mold could develop as well—and once mold starts growing, spores will spread and develop on other items in the vicinity.

With climate-controlled storage, this isn’t an issue. The climate control feature keeps your storage unit between 55-85°F so you never have to worry about items being exposed to dangerous heat or cold that could otherwise damage them. Also, climate control dehumidifies your unit so mold and mildew won’t develop.

2. Self Storage Helps During a Move or Renovation

When you’re moving to a new home, whether it’s within the same city or across the country, self storage can make transitioning easier. Many people who move have to be out of their current apartments or houses before they’re able to get settled in their new homes, which means they’ll have a lot of belongings with no place to go. With self storage, movers can rent storage for whatever time frame they need and keep items there until they get moved in.

Self storage also comes in handy with home renovations. As you work on renovating a room in your home, chances are you’ll have furniture that needs to be moved elsewhere until renovations are complete. Rather than moving everything into a spare bedroom or home office where it will constantly be in your way, furniture can be stored temporarily in a storage unit.

3. Drive-Up Access Makes Loading/Unloading Easier

Another reason why people choose to store items at home is because they don’t want to carry belongings very far, which is understandable. Heavy furniture, appliances, and boxes are a pain to move, so why would you want carry it down a bunch of hallways at a storage facility? Well, facilities have options to fix this problem.

When you rent a storage unit with drive-up access (that is, a unit that’s accessible from the outside), you can simply drive your car or moving truck up to the unit, park in front of the door, and unload everything from there. Then, you’ll only need to walk a couple of feet into your unit to drop off or pick up your items.

4. 24-Hour Access Storage Can Work with Your Schedule

While most storage renters are able to fit a trip to their storage facilities during the standard 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours of operation, some tenants may not have the ability, particularly those who start working early in the morning or into the late hours of the evening, such as plumbers, firefighters, military personnel, police officers, landscapers, construction contractors, etc.

Because of this, some storage facilities allow their tenants to access their storage units at any time. This amenity is known as 24-hour access. The facilities that offer this amenity usually have special security as well, like a gate with keypad or keycard entry or on-site management, so tenants can safely get into their storage units.

5. Businesses Can Use Self Storage to Improve Operations

Many facilities provide excellent solutions for businesses. Some facilities offer file storage, which can be especially helpful for businesses that require a lot of hard-copy paperwork, such as real estate companies. Storage units can also be used by businesses that want to store excess furniture, supplies, or inventory in order to get back some office space. Some facilities will even allow small businesses to run their entire operations out of storage units.

Now that you’ve learned about what storage can do, what are you waiting for? Go rent your storage unit!