5 Things to Consider When Looking for Storage Units

5 Things to Consider When Looking for Storage Units

By Nick Bilava, USStoragesearch.com

At first, it might seem like there isn’t much that goes into renting a self-storage unit. But there are several different factors people should consider before they rent, in order to make their storage experience better.

Unit Size – Picking out the right unit size means that you are getting the most out of your money. The best way to do this is by taking inventory of everything that you plan on putting into storage. If you know this, it gives you a great idea of how much space will be needed so you can narrow your search down.

Access Type – Loading and unloading items can be difficult, especially if they are large and/or heavy. This is where access type is important to consider. Indoor units are a great option for some, and some indoor units can be driven up to, but the last thing you want is to carry a huge bookcase through several hallways to get it to your storage unit. Drive-up access is a convenient feature that makes moving these items much easier.

Access Hours – Some people use their self-storage units almost like an extension of their home. This means that they need access to their unit frequently and at any time of the day. Different facilities offer different access hours, and for those that will need access at different times of the day, finding a facility that offers extended or 24-hour access is important.

Climate-Controlled Units – If you live in an area with drastic temperature changes or lots of humidity, you might not know what the weather is capable of doing to your belongings. Many storage items, such as furniture, electronics, books, images, and artwork, do not handle certain types of weather well. When you store something, you want it to stay in great condition. This makes climate-controlled storage a very good option to consider in many parts of the nation.

Security Features – Often times, especially while moving, self-storage is used to store some valuable belongings. Many facilities offer security features that will help keep these belongings safe. Gated access, video surveillance, and individually-alarmed units are among the options that are available. These features give renters peace of mind when they have to leave valuable and important belongings in storage for any amount of time.

Everyone’s storage demands are a little different, but luckily there are incredible features available to match these needs. In order to have a truly great storage experience, it’s best to take a little time to evaluate the items that are being stored, and what will be needed out of the storage unit before making a decision.