Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

The trick to maintaining a clean, organized storage unit is all in how you load it. Follow these tips at the start of your rental, and you’ll thank yourself later when you need to find something or when it’s time to unload.

  • Have easy access to the things you’ll need often by storing them toward the front of your unit. Don’t forget that this means you’ll be loading these items last as you work your way from the back of the unit towards the door.
  • When stacking boxes and other items, make sure to put the heavier things toward the bottom. This will keep things in the unit from getting crushed—including yourself. No falling hazards in your storage unit.
  • Investing in clear plastic bins will help protect your stuff from mold and mildew, plus the uniform size will make stacking a breeze. Also, the fact that the bins are see-through will let you know immediately what’s inside.
  • Label everything. Set a “theme” for the box and add a bulleted list of the specific items. Make sure the labels face outward as you stack and arrange your boxes.
  • If your unit has the space for it, consider stacking just along the back wall and down the side walls. This will create a walkway down the middle of the unit, so you can have access to everything you’ve stored.

When it comes to storage units, it’s easy in, easy out. These tips will guarantee an organized, painless rental experience.