College Student Moving
College Student Moving

Moving into a college dorm can be stressful and emotional for all parties involved. It can be tough to start a new chapter in your life; this is true for the parents as well as the students. The actual moving day and process doesn’t have to be as excruciating as it can be for many people. Take some time to do some prep work to make the process a little bit easier.


  1. Make a List


You can find oodles of sample lists and your school will most likely provide you with a checklist of things to bring. USE ONE OF THOSE LISTS! Use the one the school gives you and augment it with a couple of quality suggestions from other sources. So much will be going on in the weeks and days leading up to the move-in day that it’ll be difficult to assume you have everything.


  1. Invest in Storage Drawers


Utilize the space beneath your bed, even if you don’t have it lofted, by placing plastic storage bins under there. There’s never enough room and the one place you can guarantee you’ll have is the area under your bed. You might not have many square feet in that room to call your own, but under there is yours. Claim it. Use it. Organize it.


  1. See What Your Roommate is Bringing


With social media these days, you can easily connect with your roommate ahead of time and get a rough guess on who is bringing what when it comes to bigger items. Both of you don’t need to bring a papasan chair (an inevitable college staple), curtains, a mini fridge, and a full-length mirror just to name a few. Make the trip easier, and save valuable space, by sharing the burden of bringing some of these things.


  1. Consider Buying Things There


For smaller things, purchase them once you get to your school and see what the space is like that you’re working with. Your wish list might exceed the realities of what you can actually have and bring. You never know what your roommate might actually show up with on the day of move in and you’ll probably end up needing to go to the store anyway, so save space while traveling where you can.


  1. Prioritize What You Bring


Moving away to college yields a lot of unknowns, so many people tend to over purchase. Make a pile of things that you can probably live without or can put in a “mom and dad can send later” pile. Try your best to resist the urge to bring a bunch of stuff with you. See what can be left at home and retrieved later if it is needed.


There’s no real magic rule for moving to college. Move-in day will be chaos. It will be emotional. There will be drama on the hall already, but it will also be an exciting and the first step to a new beginning. Being prepared is one way to start that new beginning off right.