Photo courtesy of Lock-It Up Self Storage.

This is a guest post from Cat Lane from Lock It Up Self Storage.

Christmas is the best time of the year because it’s a time that is to be spent with the family.  Christmas is especially a great time of the year for kids because it’s the one time of year where they get to rip open presents and eat all the food that they can.  The problem with Christmas is the cat and mouse game that comes with your

Photo courtesy of Lock It Up Self Storage.

kids about hiding their Christmas presents.  All parents have to buy presents early to make sure they get all that they need.  All kids know this which is why they do their best to find out where the presents are hidden.  Every year you must get trickier to stay one step ahead of your kids.  Here are six great places to hide Christmas presents from your kids.

1) Get a self-storage unit.  This is the ultimate hiding spot.  There is no way you kids will even think that you did something like this.  And if they did think about it it’s not like they would know where you got the unit or how to get in.  This is the ultimate hiding spot.

2) In your attic.  You have to hide them up there when your kids are at school and you have to make sure that you put them in the back and cover them with a bunch of old boxes.  Your kids will go looking in the attic so make sure what they see is old boxes and not the gifts behind them.

3) At grandma and grandpa’s house.  The chances are that your kids won’t get all the time in the world to go snooping around your parent’s house.  Hide their gifts there, but make sure not to let your kids go there alone.  Grandparents break down easily.

4) In the trunk of your car.  This one won’t work forever.  Kids catch onto to this one so the second your kid goes into the garage with your car keys you’ll know it’s time to find a new spot.

5) In plain sight.  Lots of times kids get so into the thrill of the hunt that they completely rule out things right under their nose.  If their gift is a big one that comes in a box, leave the box in the garage.  They will walk by it every day and not even think to read what’s in it.

6) Under your bed.  This one is only for parents with younger kids.  This is where all of the experts go first.  Use this spot for a couple of years.  Once it is discovered you will be ready to move onto the others on this list.

Christmas is such a fun time of year.  The buying and hiding of Christmas only adds to the excitement of everything that’s going on.  Some years it might be easy to find hiding spots while other years it’ll be difficult, but one thing remains consistent; it is always handy to have a storage unit.  Merry Christmas!

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