Storage for Tiny House
Living in a tiny house means you probably need storage

Shows like Tiny House Nation or even House Hunters both fascinate and complete frustrate me. They fascinate me because I love to look at homes, see the thought processes of other people, and explore new possibilities. They frustrate me because so many of the people on the show have lists of needs a mile long and a budget that is truly bonkers. Personally, I say “more power to ya” to the people who want a tiny house because my claustrophobia would never let me do that, but the people on both shows question where their things will go if they have to downsize. I just want to shake my TV and tell them that renting a mini storage unit will give them all the space they need so they can get their dream home!


Some people want a fabulous older home, but these older homes were created during a simpler time. People back in the day didn’t have social media to remind them how often they wear a shirt or they didn’t find it necessary to have a different coat depending on what shoes they were wearing. Also, people were just physically smaller than we are now. In order to live in one of these fantastic works of art, people should stop worrying about closet space and attic room and remember that a mini storage unit is just minutes away! Get the house with craftsman details and loads of charm instead of that new construction! “You can’t change the footprint of a home as easily as you can add flair” is a wasted argument because who needs to change the footprint of a home when you’ve got a cheaper price-per-square-foot option minutes down the road?


The all-in folks who want a tiny home can do so without having to get rid of all of their items. Yes, a laissez faire mentality does mean letting go of somethings, but who really wants to let go of everything? Sentimental value, and even monetary value, should be considered! You can keep your things in a storage unit and still live the tiny house lifestyle. Your budget won’t be tied up in a large mortgage so you can still travel; storage units come at perfect price points to leave you flexible.


The House Hunters International folks can sell their stateside home but leave their American things behind when they go on their adventures. Many people on the show know that their overseas move isn’t forever, but keeping up with a second home isn’t a feasible option. Putting their household items that aren’t making the trip in a mini storage unit is an ideal way for people to have their fun and their stuff too when they’re ready to come back home. Also, a lot of people won’t really know what they need in their new home until they get there and find it! Don’t drag your king size bed, American-sized patio set, and SUV across the pond until you see if you’ll really want it or not. Renting a cheap storage unit can give you the space you need while you’re still ironing out the details of your move.


Even if you don’t want to document your move on reality television, you can still use a mini storage unit for your next move. Whether you’re just finding a new abode, downsizing into a space that could fit in your old living room, or hoping continents, rent a storage unit. You’ll be amazed at how many short-term and long-term benefits that will come along with renting a cheap storage unit.