Customer reviews can help your business in many aspects.

By AaronMackel, 

The internet has done a lot of things over the last several years, and one of those things is that it has given each and every person a voice. This can have a great impact on local businesses whether they like it or not. Reviews are becoming an increasingly important factor for people when they are determining the products and services they will buy. This can have a very positive or negative impact on the businesses but there are things you can do to use reviews as a competitive advantage.

You can’t make everyone happy all the time. Even the highest quality company that provides the best customer service possible will run into someone they just can’t please. Often, these disgruntled customers will find their way to a computer to voice their displeasure with your company. The unfortunate thing is that these customers are likely the minority but they are more motivated to share their displeasure than your average satisfied customer.

This has caused a lot of business owners to worry about how to recover from negative reviews. So what should you do? Be proactive. It is likely that you have more happy customers than not and the best way to counter negative reviews is to have more positive ones. Whenever someone decides to move out, simply ask how their experience was and if they would be willing to leave a review. Some businesses that are already effectively doing this have a card they hand out to

Future customers are often curious as to what previous customers’ experiences were with a business.

customers with the full instructions on how to leave an online review. Many people won’t need these instructions, but many will. has some great insight on improving reviews and how to handle negative reviews.

An additional benefit of getting more reviews is that it can help your business rank higher in local search results. Google Places, now known as Google Plus Local, is front and center on Google search results related to local businesses. If someone is looking for self storage in a specific city, Plus Local results could make a major impact on their buying decision. Not only will a high number of reviews attract more people to click on your business, but getting reviews can also make you even more visible on its own. As discusses here, Plus Local reviews impact your ranking in local search results. While reviews are only a portion of the ranking, the higher you are the better.

Researching businesses and the quality of service they offer has become incredibly easy in recent years. Reviews have given customers a powerful voice in helping others determine whether a business fits their needs or not. The best thing a business can do is offer great service. Without great service, great reviews are not really possible. If you have that under control, making your interest in receiving reviews known and making it easy for customers to do so will help your reviews take off.

Nothing sells your self storage facility better than lots of satisfied customers sharing the great experience they had with your business.