By Laura Gee, Storage and Organization Contributor

For the past 6 years, I’ve moved at least once a year—usually twice. Because of college moving and being in a military family, moving has become a natural part of life. There are many, many things that I’ve done to adapt my life to the moving-all-the-time lifestyle. One theme that has permeated my lifestyle is mobility and storage convenience.   One thing that I’ve done is to keep my clothing incredibly organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. In college, I kept most of my clothing stored in two ways: hung or in plastic storage containers. I didn’t rely on using the drawers in my dorm rooms for clothes because it was too inefficient of an option. Keeping my clothing hung meant that every day I could see what I had easily and kept my stuff from getting wrinkled. When it was time to move, I simply cut a small slit in the bottom of a large trash bag and put 10-15 items (still on hangers) in the trash bags with the hooks coming out of the slit and tied off the bottom. Doing this, I could have my entire closet packed in under ten minutes and when I got to my next destination, I was able to unpack just as quickly. For things that couldn’t be hung, I kept them in plastic bins. These plastic bins were easy to transport and were usable when I got to my next living situation. I never had to use boxes or buy anything more than trash bags when I was moving.

For other items like food, books, and shoes I used plastic egg crates and plastic bins. Plastic egg crates are great for storage because they can be stacked, hold a lot of stuff, and are cheap. These crates come in a ton of colors so I could match them to my dorm room color schemes. Also, these crates were perfect for moving because they were easy to carry. To keep small things from falling out of the bottom of these crates, I would simply put in a piece of newspaper to act as a bottom lining – very easy and cheap.

In my house, I have adapted to actually using dresser drawers for clothes instead of books and food, but I still keep my stuff ready to go. We have an arsenal of boxes ready to filled in our garage. My friends and parents and whoever else helped me move were always thankful that moving me was so easy. My stuff was always ready to go in bins and containers and using things like bags made it easy to fill every nook and cranny in the trunk of a car. See what you can do to make your daily organization more move-in/move-out friendly.

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