Proper antique storage doesn't mean you have to hide your items in boxes. You can find a good unit using to protect your items while they are still accessible. (Stocksnapper/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Vampires and antiques have  a lot in common. They both tend to be old. They both tend to be very beautiful. Both have fascinating qualities. Both also hate sunlight… While you’re not going to be putting a vampire into storage, you might have antiques or collectibles around your home that you’d like to protect and keep in good condition. Renting out a space from a local storage facility to use for antique storage can be a great investment in retaining the quality of your treasured item.

Proper antique storage can protect your valuable collectibles for many years. can help you find a great antique storage solution. (Stocksnapper/
Proper antique storage can protect your valuable collectibles for many years. can help you find a great antique storage solution. (Stocksnapper/

Antique storage requires more than just keeping people from touching your piece to avoid dirt or accidents. In some cases, you might as well let a little kid play with your vintage doll if you’re going to leave it sitting on a shelf exposed to the sun and other elements. A whole range of things can negatively impact your valued item. Dirt, moisture, extreme temperatures, and the previously mentioned sunlight can all cause damage to antiques. You might think that putting something on a high shelf is safe enough, but your item is not being as well cared for as it should be.

Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have all the space we need to display our collections, so we keep things in boxes in garages, basements, or attics. These relatively uncontrolled climates can be rough on antiques. The ability to monitor and control the conditions of these areas often proves to be difficult or impossible which means poor conditions for proper antique storage. Collections with any fabric or paper elements to them should be cared for carefully. Renting antique storage allows you to protect your collection from many of the elements that can harm an item.

Consider renting a space for antique storage if you know that you have valuable items that aren’t being properly maintained in  your home. A cheap climate controlled storage locker can be the perfect solution that is relatively inexpensive. Good antique storage habits can help protect your piece for many more years to come. While local storage facilities aren’t going to helping vampires find a place to hide from the sun, there are many local facilities in your area that will help you find a good antique storage solution that will help you protect your valuable item from the and other elements.