Wet grass can become slippery and make moving difficult. (Paul_K/Shutterstock.com)

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, USstoragesearch.com

April showers do bring May flowers, but these April showers can also bring headaches to people who are trying to move or put things into storage. Rain can cause a lot of problems during these events–a day doesn’t even have to be a total wash out to have it be ruined by rain. If you cannot avoid moving or accessing your storage unit during inclement weather (not severe weather. Stay safe no matter what during severe weather), here are some steps to take to make sure everybody and everything stays safe:

Wet grass can become slippery and make moving difficult. (Paul_K/Shutterstock.com)

Consider Your Walk Ways

When you’re loading or unloading your vehicle, make sure that you have a safe path to travel down. Walking on slippery grass is tough to begin with, but loading your arms with boxes makes it even tougher. In your home, you should make sure that your floors are dry and have a place for people to wipe their feet to reduce water and mud being tracked inside. Outside, take the safest–not the shortest necessarily–route to get to your vehicle and back to the house. Stick to the concrete walkways and avoid the mud path short cuts.

Consider Renting (or borrowing) Tents

Large pop-up tents can be a big help when unloading or loading your home on a rainy day. If you’re able to back your truck up fairly close to your home, setting up a tent can help bock a lot of the rain. Putting some of the walls up on a tent is even better so you can stop the wind and sideways rain.

Wipe Down Everything with Dry Rags

When you put something onto your moving van or into your or onto the truck or …(you can my drift?)…you need to remove as much moisture as possible as often as possible. Keep lots of fresh, dry rags and towels handy. It’s important to use dry rags to wipe down items so have several towels going in a rotation to let some dry while others are in use. Moisture build up can cause so much damage like warping, mold, and mildew. Anything that appears to be wet needs to be dried.

Safety First

Remember that safety is a top priority. If the weather is too severe, do not do any packing or moving. Something can be worked out if severe weather is on the horizon. Also, wear proper footwear when packing. Closed-toed shoes with rubber gripped bottoms are perfect for maneuvering many different surfaces. Also, wear gloves to protect your hands and to help you keep your grip if an item gets wet and slippery.

While April rain showers do help out the springtime process of making grass greener and flowers grow, I still say that April showers cause headaches for people trying to move or access their storage unit. Thankfully there are steps to be taken to make dealing with the rain a little easier and safer. The best option is to avoid the rain completely during these events, but if that isn’t ideal, make sure you are doing all you can to protect yourself and your items that you’re transporting.


  1. Safety definitely is key when performing a move in weather conditions that could lead to injuries. We here at Zippy Shell Storage and Moving take the time to ensure that everyone involved is safe when performing a move. Something as simple as having extra towels on the floor when first walking into a house can be a huge factor in saving someone a painful slip and fall on hardwood floors. Always take your time and make sure that you aren’t trying to rush when carrying boxes to and from the moving vehicle and you should ensure a safe move.