Artketing? Maybe it’ll make more sense if you see it as (m)artketing? Basically, artketing is an idea of transforming everyday marketing into art or combining branding with art. Louis Vuitton, Coca-Cola and Adidas have all tried their hand at the idea of artketing and the practice is coming on stronger. It takes the plain idea of an advertisement and turns into an interesting logo or picture that people will remember and like. Some people even say that the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are the earliest form of artketing because the churches combined art with their facility to attract more people. That may be a stretch, but artketing is all about using visuals to attract people. What artketing says about your company is that it “ahs” gone above and beyond the normal and has done something different. We are a visual culture and you need to make sure that you and your storage business (or any business) are on the right track with marketing strategies.

Granted, companies like Louis Vuitton sell luxurious clothing and handbags and we’re trying to market self storage, but the concept can still be applied. Looking at Coca-Cola ads might give you a better idea of some things that you can apply for your company’s next marketing idea. Simple, neat pictures are blended with the Coca-Cola logo and product. By simplifying the copy and the putting an artsy spin on your graphic in your advertisements, you can tap into more of the idea of artketing.

Your copy on your ads for arketing self storage units should be limited to your company’s name, website, slogan and telephone number. This form of marketing does sound a little different than traditional advertising theories on words, but it can work. Smaller businesses have adapted this form of marketing campaign to help draw in new clients. People are interested in getting a good value. If your company looks high end but has a bargain basement price, then consumers feel like they have gotten serious value out of a product.

Arket your self storage facility so that it looks like a safe place of quality and value that people will feel comfortable trusting their stuff with over a period of time. Change a few local advertisements into more of a trendy artketing style. Competition for every storage client increases as people become more and more choosey about how they spend their precious hard earned dollar. Try artketing and see if it can’t give your storage business an advantage over some of the rest. It will go along with other trends like giving your company a personality. Artketing says that your storage facility is actually a little better than the others because you are on top of current business concepts.