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Small House Movement Good for Storage Industry

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, Owning a spacious house with a three car garage is the American dream right? Or is it? A recent article by Emily Wax makes the case that a small home movement is in progress. How small? 200 square feet small. If there is...
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Mike Jones Shares His USSS ‘Thankful’ List

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, We have come to the time of year that everyone starts their list of what they are thankful for and plaster it on all social media outlets and blog sites.  I was feeling left out so I figured what the heck, let’s give everyone...
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Looking at Sovran Self Storage’s Market Cap

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations, According to a recent story by on, Sovran Self Storage (SSS) was recognized as having a larger market cap than other businesses that are considered to be in the smaller...
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