Back to School Means Finding Space for School Storage

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Back to school is in full swing just about everywhere by now. That means back to homework, packed lunches, Friday night football games, new friends, and much more! Part of that “much more” has to be all of the “stuff” that goes along with school. Books, graded papers, projects, artwork, supplies…there is so much STUFF that goes along with school. So, how do you keep all of this stuff organized and kept in a storage in a way that will preserve everything? Decide on plans for short term and long term school storage for these treasured school memories.

Renting a climate controlled storage locker from can help you give you school storage space for things like books and a great price. (KIM NGUYEN/

Renting a climate controlled storage locker from can help you give you school storage space for things like books and a great price. (KIM NGUYEN/

One short term school storage step is to decide on a plan for displaying items. Everything cannot be displayed forever. One great way to control what is displayed and what is kept in storage is to have a “Wall of Fame” in your home with 3-5 spaces on it for displaying things. This can be on a wall, on the refrigerator, on an interior door…whatever works best for your family as a showcase. Capping the displayed items at 3-5 allows you to keep everything under control and the kid gets to pick which items remain and which get taken down to make room for new accomplishments.

Next, and this mainly applies to an older crowd, is to figure out what books and supplies to keep in school storage and which to sell or donate. Kids’ summer reading lists are starting younger and younger these days and the list of books you need to get is getting longer and longer. Finding places to store all of these books can get tricky. If you are buying and holding on to all of these books, then you and your kids will have a nice library by the time they graduate high school. At some point, you need to cut ties with some of the books that you know that no matter what, you would never read again (for me, that would be Frankenstein). After getting rid of some items, display books you know you would like to return to and put the rest in storage. Remember, books require a climate controlled storage unit or storage space.

Another option short term school storage and organization in your home is to have a homework station for each kid. Each kid needs to have their own space. This can be next to each other at a table, but each kid needs a separate space. As kids get older and more independent, this space might move into their room, but for a while, this should be in a family living area. This area should have storage space for paper, supplies, and an “inbox/outbox” for papers for parents to look at. Having space in the home for school work helps to keep kids organized and display how the family supports school efforts.

An entire blogging website could be dedicated to school storage tips and options. Those three are just to get you started. In the comments section below, share how you and your family handles school storage issues.

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