Protect Your Stuff with Extra Storage Security Features

By Mike

When someone decides they’re going to use self-storage, they want to know that their items are safe. For some, basic security features will be enough. For others, especially those storing valuable belongings or everything they own while in between homes, additional storage security can be a great option. Let’s review the common storage security features that are available to those looking to rent a storage unit.

Gated Access – This is one of the most popular security features. Almost all facilities in an urban setting will have gated access that requires a security code to enter the facility.

Video Surveillance – Being recorded will typically deter people from attempting to break into a facility or unit. Also, if something suspicious does happen at the facility, video security helps keep the facility managers aware of what’s going on and allows them to take appropriate action should anything be stolen.

Individually-Alarmed Units – The next step up is individually-alarmed storage units. Having an alarmed unit has multiple benefits. For one, if anyone tries to break in to your unit, an alarm will go off that should deter them. The other benefit is that the facility manager is usually notified, which means they can take care of the situation faster.

Resident Manager – The ultimate security doesn’t have anything to do with technology. An on-site manager provides storage users with peace of mind. And if potential thieves know someone is always at the facility to oversee all activity and monitor anything suspicious, it prevents them from trying to steal in the first place.

Security features should be considered for two reasons: protecting your belongings and peace of mind. Each person will have a different preference for how much security they feel is necessary for their belongings, but it’s something that must be considered when choosing your storage facility.