Shelving for Storage

Shelving for Storage

By Logan Livers,

One of the best investments you can make when you get a new storage unit is buying quality shelving. Shelves allow you to store and organize your things more easily, which is a big bonus for an empty square room. Without shelves, storage units can become a mess of piled up belongings and hazardously stacked boxes.

Here are some ways adding shelves to your storage unit can benefit you.

Create More Space

Without the aid of shelves, there can be a lot of wasted space in your storage unit. With a standard eight foot tall unit, there’s a lot of potential for vertical storage that will normally go unused. Instead of using just half of the potential cubic feet of your storage unit, you can tap into the entire space with some shelving units.

With the use of some tall shelves, you can take advantage of the full height of your storage unit, allowing you to store more than you ever imagined! Depending on what you’re putting in your storage unit you can either add one shelving unit, or fill the entire space with them.

Organization and Ease of Access

One aspect of storing that can quickly get out of hand is organization. If you’re just arbitrarily tossing items into your storage unit, you can end up with a bunch of clutter. A good way to stay organized is to use shelving to stack boxes of similar items. Then, when you need to grab something from your storage unit, you’ll know exactly where to look. Just be sure to clearly label boxes. You can even label the shelves so you know what’s on them.

If you have enough shelves, you can create aisles and have a neatly organized inventory. No more digging through piles of your stored belongings to find what you’re looking for. Some storage units that aren’t organized can be impossible to navigate through, but if you created aisles with your shelves, it’ll be easy to maneuver all the way to the far wall of your unit.


Not only will you have a more organized and maximized space in your self storage unit with the use of shelves, but it’ll also be much safer to move through. If you try to stack items up without the use of shelves, they can become unstable and dangerous, depending on what’s being stored.

You don’t want to play a life-sized game of Jenga when you’re trying to retrieve items from storage. Who knows how much it could hurt if it all comes falling down on top of you (Let’s not find out, shall we?). With shelves, you can safely retrieve items that are near the bottom of your storage unit, and you don’t have to worry about your piles of belongings being unstable.

So whether your storage unit is already an unorganized mess or you’re just starting to fill it up, using shelves can help make self storage a walk in the park. Take some time to move in some high-quality shelving units and position them how you want them. Then, fill them up in a way that makes sense to you, and you’ll never have to go digging through your storage unit again.