Storage for College Students

​By Patrick Galvan,

College Dorm
Photo by Chris Metcalf

It’s that joyous time of year when the kids go back to school. (But shh, we didn’t say that out loud). If one of those kids is heading off to college this fall, it’s time to relocate all of their belongings. Chances are they won’t be able to fit all of their things into their ridiculously small dorm room. But you don’t have the room for it in your house either. Luckily, this problem is easily solvable by renting a self storage unit.

Here are just a few of the ways having a self storage unit can make time at college a little less stressful.

Saving Spaces On All Fronts

Discovering the small living space of their first dormitory or apartment is one of the first surprises colleges students must deal with. That space will become even smaller and more cluttered once some household items are set up. What’s more, they’ll likely be sharing that limited amount of space with a roommate, who will also be bringing some household belongings with them.

If there isn’t enough room, one or both students will probably end up sending some belongings back home, and the last thing you want is to have usable space taken up by belongings nobody is even using! It would also be a major inconvenience if the student sends something back home only to realize they need it at school all of a sudden.

If the student has a self storage unit close to where they are living, this won’t be a problem. They can still bring all their household belongings and mementos with them but only keep the absolute essentials in their dormitory or apartment. Everything else can be moved into the storage unit, which they can access whenever they need to grab or drop off something.

What You Can Store

Photo by Sam DeLong

College students can find more use for their storage units outside of supplies from home. For instance, they can use it to house their additional school supplies. Giant sketch pads, electronic equipment, binders and folders full of papers–these will only take up space until you need them later in the semester. Some students also take their bicycles to school and work, and if your storage unit is located close by, you can use it for storing your bike. It would be much safer than keeping it outside on a public bike rack.

Seasons change as the semester goes along, and seasonal belongings will only get in the way when their time of use has passed. So you can save a great deal of space by moving your seasonal clothing, snow gear, and summer toys into storage and swap them out whenever you need to.

Splitting Rent with Roommates

In addition to saving space, attending class, and completing assignments, college students also face the burdens of dealing with finances. Tuition is of course a major expense, but necessities such as housing, food, textbooks, and other school supplies should be taken into consideration as well. In short: saving money is a priority!

While the idea of adding a self storage unit to your list of expenses might seem a little daunting, you can actually pull it off for relatively little money, especially if you get a small unit and split the rent with your roommate(s). This way, you’re killing two birds with one stone. You will all save space, have regular access to your belongings, and the cost will be significantly cheaper than if each student rented their own individual storage unit.

Storage Amenities to Look For

self storageOf course, what good will any of this do if your belongings are stolen? Before you sign the lease, make sure the facility is up to date on its security features. No matter what you are storing, the facility should have a video surveillance system and a fenced-in perimeter with gated access. The gate should have electronic access. This will not only keep out intruders but also give students unlimited access to their storage units. With the access code, tenants can enter their unit 24/7: a helpful convenience to have if something is suddenly due the next day.

Also, the closer the storage unit is to the student’s place of residence, the better. It would be a big inconvenience to run all the way across town when trying to drop off your belongings or pick something up between work and class.