Boat storage is a great way to protect your boat during the winter months. Now that warm weather is here, prepare your boat for the water with routine maintenance. (

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Hopefully you had a great Memorial Day weekend and were able to enjoy some time with your friends and family. Many people consider that to be the kick-off point of the summer season. Now that you’ve fired up the grill, it is time to get your prep your boat for the summer. Hopefully you’ve had it protected all winter in a cheap boat storage unit so it should be fairly ready to go already. To make sure that you are ready, here are some tips for getting your boat out of storage and prepped for weeks of fun out on the water:

Boat storage is a great way to protect your boat during the winter months. Now that warm weather is here, prepare your boat for the water with routine maintenance. (

Check It Out

First, go around and simply look at all of the aspects of your boat looking for any big issues. Take a peak at the hull, the seats, the flooring, the engine, the sails…anything you have on your boat basically. Without getting into the details of every aspect of each part of the boat, make sure everything appears to be basically okay. If something does seem out of sorts, tackle that first. For this phase, you’re simply looking for any major issues that might have popped up during the off season.

Research Recommendations for Your Make/Model

If possible, refer to the paperwork you were given when you bought the boat to see what practices and routines they recommend you take when pulling your boat out of storage. There might be specific things you need to do.

Get the Engine Ready

If your boat has an engine, it is going to need to be checked out. You should look into having the oil replaced & change the oil filter (unless you did so at the very end of last season), check the battery, and of course put gas in the tank just for starters. I suggest you have a professional give your engine a look just to make sure everything is working properly.

Prep the Interior

It isn’t a bad idea to go through and clean out the interior of your boat again. Consider conditioning all of the leather and vinyl materials to help replace any moisture that might’ve gotten lost during the cold weather. Also, part of prepping the interior is checking the status of all of your electronics on board. Boating is high tech these days with so many devices helping you out, so make sure all of them are working and are stocked up on batteries.

Hopefully you’ve had a great boat storage experience and your watercraft is ready for the hot months of fun in the sun. Routine maintenance tasks done at the beginning of the season makes boating safer and helps to prevent some major problems that might occur if small problems are ignored. When going back to your boat storage unit, whether it be at the end of a weekend or the end of summer, remember to do some routine maintenance tasks then as well to help retain the quality of your boat.


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