Storing a Boat at a Storage Facility

Storing a Boat at a Storage Facility

By Nick Bilava,

For boat enthusiasts, nothing beats getting out on the open water. Having your own boat can give you the freedom to enjoy rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans on your own schedule. But one of the few headaches that come with boat ownership is what to do with your boat when it’s not in the water. Thankfully, there are plenty of storage options to choose from for your beloved boat.


If weather isn’t much of a concern in your area, then outdoor storage will probably suffice. Being the most affordable option available for boat storage, outdoor storage is a popular choice among boaters. If weather is a concern, but your budget can’t afford more protective storage, a high-quality boat cover should do the trick.


Potentially more expensive than outdoor storage, covered boat storage is a step up from outdoor storage in that there’s some additional protection from the elements. Usually parked under an awning, boats in covered storage are protected from the sun and precipitation. Some facilities that offer covered boat storage will even provide three-walled protection in addition to the awning—this can be more than enough to keep your boat safe.


Whether you live in a harsh climate that experiences extreme winters and other severe weather, or if you have a luxury boat, you may want to look into indoor storage. With indoor storage, your boat will remain in top shape while out of the water, as it’s protected from any type of damaging weather or exposure. This is a great option for those who shelled out for an expensive boat and want to protect their investment. Winters can be especially hard on a boat, so many boat owners will move their marine vehicle into indoor storage for the winter and back to regular storage during boating season, which is also a good idea if you’re trying to save money and don’t need indoor storage year-round.

With all of the great options for boat storage, you can eliminate the hassle of trying to figure out what to do with your boat when it’s out of the water. Now, the only decision you have to worry about is what type of boat storage will work best for you.