Does your facility have a strong curb appeal?

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

In real estate, people mention curb appeal all of the time. Basically, curb appeal is how attractive a property looks from the outside. In today’s modern and digital society, your storage facility needs to have good curb appeal on two fronts: the physical one at your location and the digital one on your website.

Your facility’s curb appeal should make customers want to drive up your business and trust your company with their precious belongings. At a minimum, your facility should have well maintained landscaping, good lighting, and a decently fresh coat of paint on the building. To really boost your

Does your facility have a strong curb appeal?

curb appeal, add landscaping, make sure you have a bold sign on the road to grab attention, have your office/access hours clearly posted, and have visible measures in place that make your facility look secure. Cameras, a fence, and quality lighting all work together to give a facility a look of security. Even with it so easy to find self storage online, some people still prefer to drive around looking for a facility. If yours can’t easily be found from the road or does not look reputable, your facility might get skipped over.

Next, your online curb appeal needs to be top notch. Your main website needs to look good so when people research you, they feel like they are working with a quality company. If your website looks like it hasn’t been touched in 10 years, then people might get the wrong impression of your business. Another good thing to remember is to keep much of the important information on the main screen that pops up on your page. Generally speaking, people appreciate something that is user friendly so if they don’t have to dig to find out information, viewers will likely be happier. Lastly, make sure you have a picture of your facility. People tend to assume that without pictures, you must have something to hide.

Just remember: looks matter. The first impression people receive of your business is based on curb appeal. Now that curb appeal comes from in person viewing and online research. You want to make sure that both places are well maintained and appealing. See what you can do to boost curb appeal for your business.

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