By Aaron Mackel, 

Just about everyone uses boxes for packing and storage. Packing boxes are pretty standard and you likely know what you are getting. Every box becomes unique once you place your unique possessions in them. Everything you own has its own size, shape, and weight that completely changes the box and its importance. If you plan on using a storage locker in the future, it is important to understand how to store boxes by stacking them properly. Not doing so could lead to unstable foundations and possessions you love being damaged or broken.

The biggest things to consider when stacking boxes are the weight, size of the box, and how fragile the contained items are. The heaviest boxes should be the foundation of the stack. Usually these boxes will be your largest ones as well. You don’t want a really heavy small box underneath of a large, really light one because you’ll end up with a cartoon-style stack of boxes. Sticking with the main rule of heaviest on bottom, these heavy boxes should be placed on the floor because lighter boxes will not be able to support them. Boxes containing fragile items should be placed on the top without question. Fragile items should not have weight bearing down on them even if the container they are in is fairly sturdy.

While fragile items should be on the top, they will only be safe if you have built a solid foundation under them. If you have carelessly stacked the boxes, there is a chance that the stack will tumble and fall. As discussed here, you must start in the back corner and work your way horizontally across to the other corner. Use the walls as support to build that solid foundation. Stack your next set of boxes all the way across this first row before moving on to the second row. To keep your possessions safe, don’t try to stack your boxes too high. At some point they will become unstable no matter how carefully you stack them.

One last thing to consider is if you will need easy access to certain items. If you know you will need some boxes before others, you will want to stack those last. This will make sure they are closest to the entrance of the storage unit. Otherwise you will have to move a lot of stuff to get to those much needed items!

With a little preparation and thought, you can make sure that your boxes are stored away as safely and conveniently as possible. Take the time and do it right the first time. It will only cause trouble if you don’t!